• Head Coach - Mila Villion

    Mila Vullion is the founder and head coach of CT Rhythmic Gymnastics Academy. When she founded the non-profit organization, her vision was to create a space for girls of all levels and ages to nurture creativity and cultivate their individual talents. Mila believes that rhythmic gymnastics enables gymnasts to succeed on and off the mat. CTRGA has become so much more than just celebrating rhythmic gymnastics; it is a team that raises self-esteem and pride, teaches discipline, and works harmoniously with the body to establish long-term health and wellness.

    Mila holds a Bachelor’s in early childhood education and continually takes courses to grow her knowledge base. She is first aid and CPR certified and has CDA credentials in child care education. She is safety certified by the USAG and has been a professional member since 2003. She keeps up-to-date with all the required safety and risk management and fundamentals of gymnastics instructor courses.

  • Coach - Kathryn Bratslavsky

    Kathryn Bratslavsky is a USAG certified coach and former rhythmic gymnast. She has been involved in rhythmic gymnastics for 19 years. She trained and competed for seven years. She has travelled around the world winning medals and ribbons, as well as coaching rhythmic gymnastics and offering flexibility training. She qualified and competed at multiple junior olympics, representing Region IV. She went on to compete at Nationals and qualified to compete internationally.

    She has a total of 11 years of experience working with children. Her mission is to provide gymnasts with a safe environment to be able to mature and develop as athletes and as well-rounded individuals. She truly believes that rhythmic gymnastics has many life-long benefits and hopes that her advocacy for the sport inspires others. Kathryn is USAG certified coach and holds all necessary certificates. She attends clinics and workshops. She runs some satellite recreational classes across Connecticut, as well as gives private classes.

  • Assistant Coach - Nicole Berman

    Nicole is a former rhythmic gymnast. She started with CT Rhythmic Gymnastics Academy when she was 4 years old. Nicole has participated in competitions for nine years and now is able to pass on her love for the sport and experience to the girls she is coaching. She is moved by this sport and is very interested to promote it seeing how beneficial it was for her. Nicole is a CPR and safety certified.

  • Assistant Coach - Victoria Plude

    Victoria has been a competitive gymnast at CT Rhythmic Gymnastics Academy for 6 years.

  • Ballet teacher - Emory Campbell

    Student in University of Harftord- Hartt School. Graduating with Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Dance Performance or Ballet Pedagogy(teaching). Accredited by the National Association of Schools of Dance (NASD).